Matthew Wright

Matthew Wright

Focused On

Delivering a first-class client experience. Dreams of transforming Tranent Juniors FC into a Premiership side.

Now Joint MD of the firm, he is responsible for driving the change within the organisation. Matthew set up the business in 2008 with his partner Paul Wringe with the intention of eventually providing an ‘all-inclusive’ service to clients.

He started out with the Post Office before deciding entrepreneurship was where his future lay. Whilst working through an adult apprenticeship as an electrician, he gained additional and valuable experience carrying out some small-scale property development. The success of this venture lead to a meeting of minds with Paul although we’re sure that this was significantly helped by the marriage of Paul to Matt’s sister!

MPACT got underway shortly after completion of the apprenticeship when Matt and Paul realised that there was an opportunity for a small but highly focused electrical contractor to operate in the Edinburgh area. With his willingness to get out in front of prospective clients, it wasn’t long before MPACT were employing additional staff on an ongoing basis. Originally, the contracts ranged from small works to small projects but with the expertise they brought to the table it wasn’t long before the project values started to grow.

Matthew continues to drive MPACT forward and ensures that no stone is left unturned in the quest for new business.