Stuart Glass

Stuart Glass

Focused on:

Development of strong financial systems required to support the growth of the business. Stuart is also challenged with the responsibility to help ensure Paul is cruising around the globe in his motorhome and that Matthew’s name is changed to Abramovich when the TJ’s reach the Scottish league proper.

The driving force behind the development of the software systems required to enable MPACT to make the most of their growth potential.

During that time he worked in a number of industries and has used that cross-section of environments to strengthen the financial requirements demanded of a growing company operating in such a competitive market. It would be fair to say that over the last 3 years, the robustness of our financial systems has improved significantly.

The secondary effect of this, of course, is that with the stability and strength Stuart has facilitated we have been able to put ourselves in a position to tender successfully for larger and more complex projects. From this base, we have funded our growth from working capital whilst maintaining reserves that will allow the company to continue to deliver top-quality projects for our existing and future clients in the coming years.

When not dealing with numbers Stuart enjoys a game of golf, and we are pleased to note that we won’t be losing him to the European Tour anytime soon.