Always Look On The Bright Side

Where are you now?

Over the last few weeks we’ve all had reason to pause and take stock of where we are. This reflection could just as easily apply to your business or your career. At MPACT, it became clearer from our recent ‘Teams’ meetings that we wanted and needed to focus on the future too. We can only do our best to manage what is happening around us just now. No-one knows when life, never mind work will get back to normal. We don’t even know what ‘normal’ will look like!

We’re using this outlook as a springboard to help us prepare for the months to come and the undoubted trials which lie ahead. So, to kick-start the positive feeling, reflect on what you’ve achieved over the years.

What are you proud of?

Things may not look so great just now, but take some time to look back on what you have achieved and where you are with your career or your business. Stay positive and use those positives to plan ahead!

You don’t need to get all philosophical – here’s the outcome of our ‘reflection’:

How did it start?

MPACT Group is the vision of Paul Wringe and Matthew Wright, the now-Joint MDs, who co-founded the business in 2007. Since then, when they operated from Paul’s garage, the company has grown to nearly 70 staff ranging from office support and Contracts Managers through to representation from all key trades.

In the beginning, it seemed like Paul and Matt drove around centre of Edinburgh, did what they had to do and moved on to the next job. By 2020, the number of locations had changed as had the size of the fuel bills. In recent years, we have managed projects from Inverness to London, worked in live environments for financial institutions and secure environments on behalf of Scottish Government and the MoD. Our clients operate in a wide range of industries from property to legal and from off-shore to hospitality. We’re delighted with all of this – why shouldn’t we use it to guide our focus for the future? These are good, positive facts to look back upon of which we’re also very proud.

How do you stand out?

What are you proud of? What can you use to help you stay positive and plan a profitable future for yourself or your business?

Staff is an investment

We are all in this together. Helping our staff, clients and supply chain where we can shouldn’t be seen as cost but as an investment. We’re doing what we think is the right way to remain positive. Only by doing this can we maintain some momentum and be ready for ‘normal’.

What’s your plan for coming out stronger?