‘Thanks a lot’ say MPACT staff

It’s been a particularly fraught start to her MPACT career for Jaclyn Pringle, our new HR Manager. She only joined us on 2nd March but is already providing us with all the support and advice we had hoped for. As you may have seen from our social media, we are doing what we can to support all the people without whom we do not and would not have a business.

With Jaclyn’s guidance, we prepared a document which explained clearly to our employees the steps MPACT would be taking to ensure that we looked after everyone to the best of our ability.

What delighted the directors was the incredible response. Jaclyn’s comments are shown below along with an example of the type of reaction she has been getting from our staff. Jaclyn withheld their name to protect their privacy but assured us that this represents the positive tone conveyed in the comments she has received.

To quote Jaclyn:

“Apart from our key workers, I am of course having email correspondence with every other employee, mainly with regards to their furlough letters and other queries/concerns they might have. I feel it’s important to feed-back to you guys just how positive and appreciative this staff group have been. The replies I’m receiving convey a true sense of appreciation and an acknowledgment to the way they are being dealt with through this unique situation. I guess it goes back to what we talked about at the meeting on Monday – it says a lot about a company in the way they’re dealing with staff at this current time, and it’s nice to see this is being picked up on here 😊.  Below is just one reply to the furlough emails…

“Thank you for your email. I acknowledge your letter and just wanted to say thank you to you, & the company who have been amazing calling me and putting my mind at ease with me being so new to the company. I feel privilege to work for MPACT”.

Anyway, we shall continue to do what we can!”

Thanks for all your help Jaclyn and thanks also to our staff who are showing such a positive attitude.