TSP Debating Chamber

The Scottish Parliament Debating Chamber

Holyrood Road, Edinburgh

Principal Contractor


Lighting Designer


Contract Manager

Dean Stevens


In consultation with the client and their design team, we were tasked with reviewing the existing lighting (low- and high-level), which was now deemed to be too expensive and difficult to maintain. Numerous fittings were now obsolete and the overall lighting had to be upgraded to meet current television standards. The newly designed lighting format was to be installed, tested and commissioned within the non-negotiable deadline.

As well as being a prestigious client, this was a high-profile project to be completed in a relatively short timescale (the parliamentary summer recess).


Throughout this project, we had to constantly manage the on-site labour to meet the demands of the deadline. Given the works involved, there were numerous opportunities for slippage. Some we were aware of prior to works commencing (summer recess means summer holidays for operatives and sub-contractors also) and so were able to put in place a contingency plan. Others cropped up usually at particularly inappropriate moments and required some nimble footwork to ensure the project stayed on course.

Phase by phase, we knew that it was vital to meet all milestones as any delay would have an adverse effect on the next phase of the project.


Preparing well for this project stood us in good stead but what we had confirmed was the need to be organised and ready for what you can’t plan for.

On completion of the works, the finished Chamber received a number of awards including 1st place in the 2018 (international) Codega Lighting Awards.

The background to the Chamber is that during Parliament it functions as a large TV studio; at all times it stands as an architectural statement open to visitors.

The installation was completed on time which, given the location and the publicity involved, understandably met with approval from all concerned. In addition, the finished result received numerous positive comments from our client and indirectly, from various Members of Parliament and the Public.