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Baillie Gifford


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Paul Wringe


MPACT Group were appointed  undertake the refurbishments of the Level 0 area and create a new restaurant and kitchen in the Edinburgh Office by Baillie Gifford.

Their works included the stripping out of existing ceilings, creation of new partitioning systems including manufacturing and installing bespoke units, various flooring works finishes, decoration, sparkle clean and handover.

Electrical & Mechanical services consisted of isolation and removal of all lighting and wiring accessories back to the slab. Alteration of cooling system and installation of new lighting and small power throughout.


Our experience of working within a hospitality setting – in this case a modern office block –enabled us to complete the project within the 16 week projected deadline and on budget.

This project positively reflects on the significant increase in restaurant sector projects we have seen over the last 12 months. This was an important step in our strategy to expand our interest in this environment and give us the opportunity to add additional skills and experience.


The objective for the client was to offer their staff a new and modern eating area within a relaxed setting. This was reflected in the design of the restaurant and the materials and colouring used. The feedback from the client and more importantly, to the client from their staff has been that the brief was achieved to a high standard and that staff interest has been maintained.

Working closely with the designers we were able to value-engineer certain aspects to create an innovative and practical space, taking into consideration space planning and staff flow. The outcome of this meeting of minds –client, designer and ourselves –ensured that the kitchen and operational planning were delivered to the highest standards.